Original Plan For WrestleMania 38 Saturday SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

12 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Original Plan For WrestleMania 38 Saturday SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match WWE

Backstage details have emerged on the original plan for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match on WrestleMania 38 Saturday.

The opening match between The Usos and Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs went under seven minutes, with The Usos retaining their gold after Boogs suffered an injury.

Per Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, the plan was for the match to go around 15 minutes, with roughly 9 minutes of the match cut following Boogs’ injury:

“They had like nine minutes of plans that they had to get rid of.

“This was (supposed to be) like a 15 minute match, so six or seven minutes in, you’re still in the building process, so yeah it just was not what it was supposed to be.”

WWE aired a number of video packages during last night’s show, advertising matches scheduled for WrestleMania 38 Sunday.

The videos airing was reportedly a last minute decision, after the SmackDown Tag Team Championship bout went short:

“Even after the decision was made to cut (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs Ridge Holland & Sheamus) because they were running late, they still kept airing video packages.

“They could have put them out there and done like an eight minute match and cut out like three or four video packages. The thing is, because of their mentality that the video packages are more important than the matches, we’re gonna get decisions made like that.

“It’s funny because they added all those video packages after the Usos match went short.”

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