Original Sin Cara Regains The Mistico Name

Original Sin Cara Regains The Mistico Name

When WWE announced the signing of lucha libre star Mistico in 2011, they had high hopes for the high flying star, taking him and repackaging him as ‘Sin Cara’ ahead of his debut on the Raw after WrestleMania 27.

Once Mistico had departed CMLL, the mantle was passed on to a different CMLL star, Mistico II, in 2012.

The original Mistico was released from WWE in 2014, after the Sin Cara persona was handed to Hunico, who had previously played the role of Sin Cara Negro in WWE in 2011. However, the original Mistico was now unable to use the Mistico name, as it was being used by his successor in CMLL.

The original Mistico had been wrestling for CMLL under the name Caristico instead due to his former name being used by another star.

However, last night his successor Mistico II announced his departure from CMLL, freeing up the likeness for use again, as he is expected to go by Dragonlisto moving forward.

CMLL then announced on their Twitter page that the original Mistico was now once again using the Mistico name.

…got all of that?

So in summary, the original Mistico, who was signed to be the original Sin Cara in WWE, is now Mistico yet again. His replacement, Mistico II, will be known as Dragonlisto moving forward. The second Sin Cara in WWE, the former Hunico who was released in 2019, now wrestles as Cinta De Oro.

h/t to WrestlingInc

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