Paige Provides Update On Her Condition Following Surgery

3 years ago by Tempest

Paige Provides Update On Her Condition Following Surgery

It was revealed yesterday that WWE star Paige was forced to have emergency surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. Now, we have an update on her condition.

She wrote the following on Twitter:

“Just an update. I’m fine you guys! No more pain and healthy af! Haha just another small speed bump. I’m used to it. Haha so thankful for Ronnie Radke”

It is definitely a plus that Paige’s pain has gone away following her surgery. Her boyfriend and Falling in Reverse frontman, Ronnie Radke broke the news yesterday of Paige’s condition. He canceled his show as a result of this surgery so it is clear that this was serious.

Paige has been primarily featured as a host on WWE Backstage since the show’s launch. Otherwise, she has been off WWE’s main programming since last Autumn.

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