Pat McAfee Discusses Post-Money In The Bank Attack From Happy Corbin

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Pat McAfee Discusses Post-Money In The Bank Attack From Happy Corbin WWE

SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee has discussed the post-Money In The Bank attack from Happy Corbin.

Following Sunday’s Money In The Bank event, Happy Corbin attacked McAfee from behind, laying him out with the End of Days at ringside. The former NFL punter then arrived to the UFC 276 in a neck brace after the show.

On the latest Pat McAfee Show, McAfee discussed the attack courtesy of Corbin.

He said:

“Everyone saw my neck brace, that was out of precaution because a scumbag had attacked me immediately following Money in the Bank going off the air on Peacock. Michael Cole and I were just sitting there having our usual nightly wrap-up, ‘that was a f***ing good night.’ Before we can even get our headsets off and get out there, as the entire world was celebrating, some scumbag, by the name of Bum Ass Corbin, literally attacked me from behind the barricade, like a horror film. Drags me over, hits a Fox exec right behind us and a consultant next to him. I actually kicked them both in the whole process of that. Sorry bout it.”

The SmackDown commentator continued on to detail the injuries he suffered as a result, saying:

“Out of nowhere, I’m swooped up by a scumbag. I’m out there, losing my bearings, I’m getting wailed on with punches. Throws me over the barricade, hit my head on the side of the commentary table that was blown up by Omos. Got cuts on my head from that thing because there is metal where the bolts go. Still bruised on my head. I’m staggering in there, this big sonofab**ch, who is a bum ass, former Gold Gloves boxer, obviously incredibly tough, former teammate of mine, roommate of mine, a man who has become a terrible human, has me by the hand, WITH MY ROLEX! Pulls me in, boom, I’m upside down all of a sudden, holy f***, right into the ground. Thought I had a T1, T2. My larynx potentially in trouble as well. I’m 240 pounds, when your body is upside down and flipped around right onto your face, there is going to be some bad outcomes. There was a little precautionary there because I could not move my neck after. I was in incredible pain, any budge would hurt like hell. Turns out, no fractures, but I did have a severe case of whiplash, so I will still be rather stiff.”

Following the pay-per-view, WWE announced that Pat McAfee will face Happy Corbin at SummerSlam on July 30, which obviously pleased the former NFL star.

He said:

“With that being said, Happy Corbin, Bum Ass Corbin, did accept my SummerSlam challenge, so it is on. Once this neck heals, I’m gonna go in and beat that guy’s ass. This foot right here is gonna end up, up the ass of Bum Ass Corbin!”

McAfee did not wear his neck brace for Tuesday’s show, so it seems that he feeling better now.

For the full lineup for SummerSlam, click here.

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