Pat McAfee Discusses How He Kept WrestleMania Return A Secret

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Pat McAfee Discusses How He Kept WrestleMania Return A Secret WWE

Pat McAfee has discussed how he kept his WrestleMania return a secret.

One of the few surprises that fans were greeted to during WrestleMania 39 weekend was the return of Pat McAfee who had an impromptu bout against The Miz on Night One of the two-night event.

Similar to his last return at Royal Rumble 2023 when he did commentary, this one was kept close to the vest with not many people knowing before showtime.

On the latest edition of the Pat McAfee Show, the former NFL punter explained that only five people, himself included, knew of the plan in advance. McAfee said:

“Michael Cole had no idea that I was there.”

Noting that while on his tour bus, Pat saw Michael Cole and wanted to talk to him, but he decided against it because he wasn’t sure if it would disrupt the plans for his segment.

On whether or not his opponent The Miz knew of his return, McAfee stated:

“Obviously, Miz did not know until Saturday. For [a] shoot. When my music hit is near when Miz found out.”

Pat McAfee defeated The Miz in their unplanned match with the help of NFL player George Kittle.

For the full results from WrestleMania 39 Night One, click here.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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