Pat McAfee Loves Having Vince McMahon In His Ear On Commentary

7 months ago by Liam Winnard

Pat McAfee Loves Having Vince McMahon In His Ear On Commentary

WWE SmackDown color commentator Pat McAfee loves having the “voice of God” Vince McMahon in his ear on commentary.

A lot of people who have endured McMahon’s producing haven’t enjoyed it, but it certainly sounds like McAfee’s having a much different experience.

Speaking on the Pat McAfee Show, he said:

“He is a great conversation, Bruce Prichard. Great conversation. They all are over at the wrestling world. The internet says a lot of things about a lot of people who’ve probably been around WWE for like 30-40 years. I guess there’s a lot of pent-up potential stories or happenings that could go through there. They’ve all been very nice to me, I’m very thankful.

“Other people probably experienced something different, I’m just going to tell you how I… Bruce Prichard’s f**king awesome, Kevin Dunn also, awesome. He’s in my ear every single show, and by the way, Vince McMahon in my ear, awesome. I don’t ever see him in real life anymore though, I just hear him. The voice of God in my ear.

“(McAfee impersonates a Vince McMahon laugh) – That’s when I know I’ve really done it. Like when I almost got my head ripped off, you know, at the end of that thing… because that thing’s (the headset cable’s) clipped to my sport-coat, and it was wrapped around his foot, so it was like, dragging me a little bit. I’m like, well I’m not going to deal with this at all, and I go running, and I go put the other one on, and as soon as I put the headset back on, there’s a pretty good (McMahon laugh) in my ear.”

McAfee’s co-host pointed out that McMahon obviously wanted McAfee to hear him laughing because he specifically pushed the talk button, after which McAfee joked: “Yeah and there’s other things he wants me to hear too, throughout the night”.

He also said that McMahon often encourages him to speak over Michael Cole or a wrestler who’s doing a promo in the ring.

Quote via Wrestling Inc

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