Pat McAfee Reveals Why He Missed WWE Hell In A Cell

10 months ago by Andy Datson

Pat McAfee Reveals Why He Missed WWE Hell In A Cell WWE

If you watched this past weekend’s WWE Hell in a Cell Premium Live Event, you will likely have noticed commentary was a bit quieter, as Pat McAfee was not in the building.

McAfee, who is the colour commentator on SmackDown, explained on his show why he wasn’t flown out for the show, which only featured one SmackDown match.

“I was not at Hell in a Cell, SmackDown only had one match and all parties agreed that it was probably not worth the trip to Chicago and back for that. It ended up being a 13-minute match.

During the show, Pat was very keen to heap praise on Cody Rhodes, who wrestled for nearly 30 minutes with an incredibly bruised chest after suffering a torn pectoral muscle ahead of the show.

“A man last night went into Hell in a Cell with a torn tit. Cody Rhodes went in there…a lot of people thought it was makeup, that’s what your body does when you tear your s**t. Early, it looked like he was in a s**t ton of pain. but he clicked into some of ‘I don’t give up f**k’ because unless they shot that thing up with everything you can shoot up with, which would hurt so bad, just the shooting up of it, a full Hell in a Cell match. They didn’t mail it in either. This s**t was a full match. Seth Rollins lost to a guy with one f***ing tit. I assume he’s getting surgery.”

A torn tit is definitely one way of putting it, but I don’t recommend searching for that on Google.

Credit to Fightful for the transcription.

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