Paul Heyman Names Stars He Believes Have Bright Futures In WWE

Paul Heyman Names Stars He Believes Have Bright Futures In WWE

Paul Heyman has named several wrestlers that he believes have bright futures ahead of them in WWE.

Heyman is often considered one of the most innovative minds in wrestling, Speaking on WWE After The Bell, the former executive director of Raw argued that we haven’t yet seen the best of Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Discussing the potential of rising stars, Heyman noted that Matt Riddle has a lot more to show fans in WWE. Also believing that Riddick Moss is main-event material, Heyman said:

“I see more than one name. I’ll say this, selfishly, you talk about evolving; you haven’t seen the best of Roman Reigns yet. Roman Reigns a year from now will be far greater than the Roman Reigns is today. Roman Reigns of this Friday will be better than the Roman Reigns of last Friday.

“I’ll throw the Usos in there as well. Usos, as a tag team, are so infinitely better than they were six months ago and six months ago they were already the best tag team of the past 20 years. I say those names selfishly.

“I think you look at Brock Lesnar evolving as a persona on television and here he comes now as Captain Caveman, fresh off the farm is Saskatchewan where he’s a killer and butcher. Can you compare this Brock Lesnar to the one you saw in 20 years? He’s evolving. He’s going to only be better.

“I don’t think you’ve seen the best of Charlotte Flair. She’s just getting started. Charlotte Flair, in her heart will not argue with this statement, there will come a day in this industry, if Charlotte Flair can capitalize on the opportunity that she creates for herself where Ric Flair is known as Charlotte Flair’s father. She’s that good.

“Whether she faces Sasha Banks or Bianca Belair or Becky Lynch Shayna Baszler or Nattie, whomever Charlotte steps into the ring with, Charlotte Flair is going to put on a show. I’ve never seen Charlotte Flair not go out there with the determination to not steal the show. That’s what impresses me about her.

“I don’t think we’ve scratched the surface with the physical abilities of Matt Riddle. He gets better every match that I see him in. After his initiation with the audience demonstrates just how capable he is, Riddick Moss is going to be a star. I don’t think anyone has a clue with just how capable he is. He’s demonstrated that he can walk into any personality that he is assigned at the moment. When Riddick Moss has the emergence out of his shell and into his next incarnation, the same way The Big Dog elevated his game and evolved into the Tribal Chief, Riddick Moss’ next iteration in WWE, there will be no stopping him. He’s a main eventer.”

Heyman appears to have resumed his Special Counsel duties for Roman Reigns, turning on his client, Brock Lesnar, at WWE Royal Rumble. Lesnar ultimately lost his WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley due to interference from Reigns, before going on to win the men’s Rumble match.

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Transcription via Fightful

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