Paul Heyman On If He Thinks Brock Lesnar Will Ever Return To UFC

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Paul Heyman On If He Thinks Brock Lesnar Will Ever Return To UFC

Paul Heyman has discussed Brock Lesnar’s future in MMA, following The Beast returning to WWE at SummerSlam last month.

Brock Lesnar became the first athlete to win both the WWE and UFC Heavyweight Championships, defeating Randy Couture in November 2008 for the UFC gold.

Lesnar left UFC as a full-time competitor in 2011. Speaking with  Josh Martinez of Z100, Paul Heyman argued that Lesnar has nothing left to prove in MMA.

Stating that The Beast can make more money in WWE, Heyman said:

“Been there, done that. If you were to tell me that Brock Lesnar would have a shoot-out in soccer with Messi, that I believe. But he has already done the MMA schtick.”

“He knocked out Randy Couture, took a beating from Shane Carwin. He’s a conqueror. What more can he do in the UFC that he hasn’t done? When Brock Lesnar went out for the Minnesota Vikings in 2004, he was 295 pounds, just suffered a motorcycle accident, and he had a torn groin, broken pelvis, a wired-shut jaw, and he still ran his 100-yard dash in Olympic qualifying time.”

“He has nothing left to prove in MMA. He can make a lot more money in the WWE.”

Lesnar returned to UFC to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200 in 2016, however his victory was later overturned due to a failed drug test.

Lesnar got physical on last week’s episode of SmackDown, attempting to F5 Paul Heyman, before laying out The Usos. The Beast will reportedly work on the babyface side of the SmackDown roster moving forward.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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