Paul Heyman Gets Personal With Cody Rhodes On WWE Raw

4 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

Paul Heyman Gets Personal With Cody Rhodes On WWE Raw WWE

Paul Heyman has gotten very personal with Cody Rhodes on tonight’s WWE Raw, referencing his wife Brandi Rhodes although not by name.

Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman faced off on Raw for the first time since the WrestleMania showdown between Rhodes and Reigns was made official.

While Cody had barely made his entrance to the ring, he was interrupted by Paul Heyman on screen who claimed to be backstage but wasn’t coming to the ring due to the mauling he faced on Saturday at the Elimination Chamber.

While he had the safety of distance, Heyman took the time to remind Cody that should he best Roman Reigns for his Undisputed Championship, he would assuredly not have the schedule that Reigns has.

Without the special council and representation of Paul Heyman, Rhodes could expect to spend 300+ days on the road per year with Heyman questioning if that was really the life Cody wanted for his wife and child.

Going a step further and making mention (although not by name) of Cody’s lovely wife Brandi Rhodes, Heyman said that he would keep her company in Cody’s absence.

When Heyman did his own mic drop (albeit slightly less satisfying with a clip on) he had clearly rattled Rhodes.

Cody then addresses the camera and Roman Reigns directly, starting with an epic: “Do not send that man again,” before sending a concrete message.

It doesn’t matter how great of a champion Roman Reigns is: Cody has to finish the story at WrestleMania!

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