Paul Heyman Says That Mustafa Ali Is Going To Be A ‘Sensation’

Paul Heyman Says That Mustafa Ali Is Going To Be A ‘Sensation’

Paul Heyman was recently interviewed by Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, where he was asked about the recent batch of WWE releases, and whether there are people who have been cut recently that left him confused.

Heyman said that there were, but that has been the case over the last few years, before going on a speech about how the releases help create opportunity for newer talent lower on the card.

Heyman explained:

“The whole WWE mentality of grab the brass ring. There is a lot to say about ceasing the moment. There’s a lot to say about grabbing an opportunity when it’s there, and some people need to create their own opportunity, and some people need to realise that when someone leaves there is a position that’s open. Now usually someone who is sixth on the card is going to be bumped up to seventh on the card, because they paid their dues, they worked their way up the ladder. But as six goes to seven, then five goes to six, four goes to five and three goes to four and two goes to three and one goes to two, and there you go. Entry level position is now open for someone to come in and steal the whole show.

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Heyman continued on, saying:

“Every single time someone is out the door, it enables someone else to come in the door, kick open the door, or at least walk in and say ‘hey, that guy’s gone, screw him! Give it to me!’ If I was a young guy I wouldn’t even wait for the entry level positions, I’d come in pitching for the top. ‘Don’t fill the seventh match on the card with somebody with tenure, put me in there! See if I sink or swim. If I sink, get rid of me. I’ll just be another guy out the door, and this one that doesn’t have the emotional attachment with the audience that the other guy who just left has had for years. I’ll be a new guy that’s been shown the door. Who cares about the new guy? But if I hit. If I score. If I connect. If I interact. If I draw money. If I sell t-shirts. If I’m Box Office, look what you’ve got, a new guy! A brand new guy in the mix that can move up to the top, that’s fresh and new and different than what everyone’s been watching on one or two TV screens for the past year or so.

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Heyman finally added that WWE needs more people who present innovative ideas and push against the boundaries of what is already being done in WWE, singling out Mustafa Ali as the perfect example.

Heyman added:

“Imagine somebody new and fresh with innovative ideas that nobody has thought of before, walking in the door and saying ‘OK, let me oppose him. Let me bring a different perspective, a different view point. Let the auidence look at me and go ‘these guys are together, but this guy’s a disruptor.’ Look at Ali, look at Mustafa Ali. Mustafa Ali is one of the foremost talents in WWE. Why? because he constantly pushes against boundaries. He is going to be a sensation, one day or the next, he’s going to be. Why? because he’s not held to convention, he’s not held to what’s been done already, he looks and he says ‘this is what I can do in the next 36 months, and nobody else is doing it’. We need more people like that. We need more people like what we have in NXT of young talent sitting there saying ‘I’ll do it better than what everybody else is doing. Glad everyone else is doing so well, put me in there. I’ll change the game. I’ll disrupt the industry’.”

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Heyman was also asked by Helwani about whether or not he thinks that AEW is a viable number two promotion to WWE.

Mustafa Ali recently shared a video on Twitter showcasing his plans for a new ‘New America’ character that was scrapped.

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