Paul Heyman Explains Why He’s ‘Not Surprised’ Cody Rhodes Left AEW

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Paul Heyman Explains Why He’s ‘Not Surprised’ Cody Rhodes Left AEW WWE/AEW

If there was a ranking table as to who is the best person at saying a lot while actually saying almost nothing at all, Paul Heyman would be very near the top.

He is the ultimate professional when it comes to answering potentially difficult questions, as he once again proved when answering a question about Cody Rhodes’ AEW departure in an interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour.

Helwani asked Heyman whether he was surprised at the news Cody had decided to leave AEW, and Heyman responded:

“In some aspects, yes, and in some aspects, no. He’s one of the founders of the company. A lot of it is his concept. A lot of the initial phase was on him. Cody always had a vision to fill the boots of his father not just in the ring but behind the scenes. And the fact that he didn’t have the level of participation in decision making that he initially probably thought. This is speculation on my end.

“The manner in which in that company grew…it doesn’t surprise me that at some point that at some point he was going to say, ‘not what I originally envisioned and I wanna see what life is like elsewhere.

“When a founder of a company whose initial vision it was, or part of it was, leaves that’s always surprising. Knowing what I know, which is admittedly very little of the circumstances, not so surprising.”

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So he’s not surprised…but also slightly surprised because he knows things…but he doesn’t know very much. Got it!

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