Paul Heyman Says Roman Reigns Partnership Is A ‘Collaborative Effort’

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Paul Heyman Says Roman Reigns Partnership Is A ‘Collaborative Effort’

Paul Heyman has discussed his offscreen relationship with Roman Reigns, stating that work on the character is a collaborative effort.

Speaking with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Paul Heyman discussed his role as the Tribal Chief’s Special Counsel. Drinking his own kool-aid, Reigns said:

“I can’t stand watching myself even with the early run with Roman. This is the highest level I can be. I consider this more accountability, more responsibility, a bigger platform, a bigger job than when I was the executive director of Raw. If you brought me back last August and put the Universal and WWE Championships on me — not that I’d be a good champion, because I wouldn’t be — it wouldn’t be as big as what I’m doing with Roman.

“This is the biggest thing I can do. I am attached to the hip of the undisputed number one superstar in not only WWE, but all of sports entertainment. I’m working with him, I assure you, as much behind the scenes as I do on camera. This is a legit, professional, collaborative effort. I only want this gig as long as I’m the man for it. As long as I’m the best for it.

“If there is someone who comes along that would serve Roman Reigns better, serve the character Roman Reigns better, serve the marketing of Roman Reigns better, serve the intellectual property of Roman Reigns better, serve WWE better in this capacity, I want them to have the gig. I don’t ever want to be second best at anything, I just don’t.

“This, I can do, and I dare say I do it better than anybody else. I have redefined the medium from manager to advocate to special counsel. That may be me drinking my own kool-aid, but it tastes good at the moment. I’m challenged every day to be even better.

“If my promo tomorrow is not better than my promo today and my promo two days from now isn’t better than my promo tomorrow, I’m not progressing, I’m not getting better, throw me out the door and get rid of me. It’s time for me to go. The whole point is to be better tomorrow. Someone else wants this gig. A lot of people want this gig. If you don’t want this gig, you are out of your mind because this is the gig to have. I have to defend it.”

At SummerSlam, Roman Reigns pinned John Cena to retain his Universal Championship. Reigns’ celebrations were cut short by the return of Heyman’s previous client, Brock Lesnar.

Following Lesnar’s SummerSlam appearance, Reigns has noted that he expects Paul Heyman to remain loyal to him and his Bloodline.

Transcription via Fightful

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