PHOTO: Jeff Hardy Spotted With Transformed Look After Surgery

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

PHOTO: Jeff Hardy Spotted With Transformed Look After Surgery WWE

See a recent photo of AEW star Jeff Hardy revealing not only that he has recently had surgery but also, has a brand new look!

According to one fan report, Jeff Hardy mentioned to him that he is recovering from eye surgery.

A Twitter user shared his photo snapped with Jeff Hardy in Oak Island, North Carolina after a pleasant and jovial interaction with the wrestling legend.

However, notably Hardy was sporting a bit of a different look with the fan noting that Hardy had mentioned he ‘just had eye surgery’ when they took the pic. He also confirmed he didn’t press for more details (because that is weird!) after Hardy had been really kind to stop to take the photo despite being out with his family.

In the photo, Jeff Hardy looks healthy despite the bruised and bloodshot right eye while sporting his natural hair color and fuller facial hair.

Check out the pic below!

AEW fans continue to away the “very important” announcement set from Tony Khan on tonight’s (April 5) episode of Dynamite.

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