Find Out Why Sheamus Called Finn Balor A “Plastic Paddy” On WWE Raw

Find Out Why Sheamus Called Finn Balor A “Plastic Paddy” On WWE Raw WWE

If you’re here because you googled “plastic paddy” then chances are, you may be watching WWE Raw tonight (November 21) and need a definition.

Debuting a unique insult on tonight’s WWE Raw, Sheamus called Finn Balor something so confusing, it was clear that even others in the ring with him didn’t get the reference.

After Kevin Owens explained his motivations for joining Drew McIntyre and the Brawling Brutes, he was joined by his WarGames team in the ring.

They were then interrupted by Judgment Day and as words were exchanged, fans heard one unique insult.

Sheamus referring to Finn Balor as “plastic paddy” it might be a little confusing for those who have never heard the term before.

However, to clarify: Sheamus was saying that Finn Balor was someone who is inauthentically Irish or rather, “passes off as Irish” by dropping a “plastic paddy” on him.

Questioning the authenticity of ones Irishness is pretty severe, so of course the duo with their respective factions battled it out after the commercial break.

I’ll save you one more Google – Fergal Devitt (aka, Finn Balor) is indeed actually Irish.

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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