Eddie Kingston Comments On AEW Backstage Conflicts

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Eddie Kingston Comments On AEW Backstage Conflicts AEW

A popular AEW star has commented on the backstage conflicts within the company.

In August, it was revealed that Eddie Kingston and Sammy Guevara had a backstage altercation that led to Kingston being suspended.

They turned this conflict into an on-screen storyline when Guevara called Kingston a “fat piece of s***” before their bout at AEW Rampage Grand Slam, with the line being the reason for their real life issues.

Kingston defeated Guevara in the encounter, but the decision was overturned after Kingston wouldn’t release his Stretch Plum submission.

In an interview with ESPR, Eddie Kingston was asked about the match.

He answered:

“I had a HR meeting a couple of days ago telling me I can’t be beating up people in the ring when I want to. I don’t know what I’m going to do [laughs]. We’re all trying to be good and professional. These are their words, not mine.”

When asked about backstage conflicts within All Elite Wrestling, Kingston answered:

“It’s real simple, you have a bunch of people back there with egos. Some people believe other people don’t deserve to be in AEW, other people do believe they deserve to be in AEW, so when you have a bunch of men and women who don’t know how to use their words, things are going to happen in the back.”

Eddie Kingston appeared on the October 21 edition of AEW Rampage in a backstage segment with Ortiz and Death Triangle, asking him to compose himself.

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