Popular AEW Star Going Through Unique Divorce

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Popular AEW Star Going Through Unique Divorce

A popular AEW star and current champion in the promotion is currently going through a unique divorce that’s actually helping his relationship.

AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin proposed to Priscilla Kelly only four months after they started dating and they got married in November 2018. They then announced they were getting divorced this past August.

Speaking on Vickie Guerrero’s Excuse Me podcast, Kelly explained the situation, saying:

“With us, we realize we got married really young and really fast. He proposed after dating me for four months. That works for some people but for us, we realized we were not mature enough to handle that label of marriage. Sometimes just the label of marriage can add so much pressure and stress to a relationship. It’s hard to get people who haven’t been married to understand that. Let’s remove this label and then let’s see how things go.

“Since we removed that label of being married, we’ve been getting along great. We are best friends. We hang out all the time. We never have any conflict. We both still have little issues. We are both really young. We are still learning where we want to go with our careers and where we want our lives to go. It’s a lot all at once. I think people need to stop damning the word divorce because it sounds horrible, but sometimes you can get a divorce, spend a few years learning about yourselves and mature as a human being, and years later, try again and it probably would be a lot better.”

Kelly also revealed initial plans for her and Allin’s relationship to play out on AEW TV, which you can read about at this link.

We do of course wish both Allin and Kelly all the best.

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