Impractical Jokers Working With AEW Soon?

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Impractical Jokers Working With AEW Soon? TruTV

AEW has made several crossovers with TV shows in the past, most notably with Snoop Dogg and Rosario Dawson and the ‘Go Big Show’ when Cody Rhodes was a part of the company.

The stars of Impractical Jokers, Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn, were recently shown in the front row of AEW Dynamite, and Chris Jericho is set to appear on an upcoming episode of the show.

All three stars of the show were recent guests on Talk Is Jericho, where Brian Quinn, a.k.a Q, spoke about a potential offer he has to wrestle, as well as revealing that the entire cast is trying to work an angle with AEW.

Q said:

“We just signed a development deal with Warner Brothers and we’re working on that, trying to bring new concepts we’ve always wanted to do to life. We’re working out, we’re trying to really work out an angle with AEW to get in there and play around with you guys for a little bit, we’re working on that man. I don’t know how much you want me to — we gotta go to Atlanta for a little bit to get up to speed and not get hurt. So that’s the next step, the ball is in our court.”

The stars of Impractical Jokers also appeared at a stage show for at the AEW Double or Nothing fan fest this year.

Jericho is currently in the United Kingdom for an Inside The Ropes tour, meaning his segment on AEW Dynamite last night, where the Jericho Appreciation Society assaulted Ruby Soho, was actually pretaped.

transcription via Fightful

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