Another Popular WWE Name Quietly Switches Brands After WWE Draft

4 weeks ago by Liam Winnard

Another Popular WWE Name Quietly Switches Brands After WWE Draft WWE

Despite not being announced as an official WWE Draft pick, there’s another popular name that will probably be switching brands.

When it was announced that Imperium was drafted to Raw, there was a lot of concern among fans for one very specific reason.

That reason was that it looked as though Imperium was longer on the same brand as ring announcer Samantha Irvin, who had essentially developed a personalized ring introduction for each member of the group that has become loved by fans.

However, that concern may be alleviated as there’s plenty of evidence to suggest Irvin will be heading over to Raw too.

The biggest piece of evidence is that her real-life fiancé Ricochet was drafted to Raw along with his tag partner Braun Strowman, and WWE usually goes out of its way to make sure real-life relationships are kept intact.

The USA Network also posted a tweet teasing that they were “working on” getting Irvin on Raw and they want her, which Irvin herself retweeted, so it all seems to be adding up.

This likely means Raw ring announcer Mike Rome would be making the move in the opposite direction to SmackDown.

UPDATE: WWE has now confirmed this, writing on “Samantha Irvin will be the ring announcer for Raw, Mike Rome will be the ring announcer for SmackDown”.

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