Possible Reason For AEW Female Audience Declining

Possible Reason For AEW Female Audience Declining

Dave Meltzer has noted that there has been a decline in female viewers of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and has now analysed why that might be.

The main thing he mentioned was the ‘hardcore’ nature of the shows. There is a considerable amount of blood on AEW TV which could be putting female fans off watching it.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he wrote:

As far as the women declines go, in asking around with women that are AEW fans, the one thing mentioned is the blood and the tables over-and-over. The Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa match was huge as far as drawing male viewers from NXT over, but not with women coming over from NXT. One longtime female fan who I’ve known since childhood who loves AEW surprised me saying that she didn’t like the match, and it was the blood and the weapons that were the reason why because she respected how hard they were working.

Meltzer also reported that Tony Khan actually tried to talk Baker and Thunder Rosa out of doing certain things during that match, which you can read more about at this link.

Thunder Rosa picked up the win, but the match didn’t count towards AEW’s official win/loss records due to the unsanctioned stipulation.

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3 years ago by Liam Winnard


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