Possible Reason For WWE Cancelling Firefly Fun House

Possible Reason For WWE Cancelling Firefly Fun House

Fans watched on in horror last night as WWE seemingly pulled the plug on the Firefly Fun House, the most popular segment on WWE TV for years.

If you missed it, during the latest episode, Seth Rollins turned up, beat up Bray Wyatt and then set everything on fire, because that’s what babyfaces do apparently.

Many of you will be asking why. Well, one theory put forward by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio is that FOX didn’t want something as supernatural as the Fun House on their more sports-based show.

“I just figured it was their way of writing it off which surprised me because I wouldn’t have thought that they wanted to write that off, but they did. I guess they don’t want it on SmackDown and Wyatt’s going to SmackDown and that was a way of writing him off Raw.”

“But then why put him on SmackDown in the first place?” I hear you ask.

Honestly at this point I’ve pretty much decided that WWE just does stuff without actually checking if it makes any logical sense. They see Bray as a big star and as SmackDown is now on FOX, that’s where all the big stars should go, simple as that.

Some have speculated that the Firefly Fun House will simply be resurrected next week, but as we’ve seen in the past with Randy Orton, fire is one of Bray’s two weaknesses (the other being sledgehammers to the face).

4 years ago by Andy Datson



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