Potential Spoilers For Undertaker ‘Final Farewell’ At Survivor Series

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Potential Spoilers For Undertaker ‘Final Farewell’ At Survivor Series

Some potential spoilers on appearances for the “final farewell” of the Undertaker at the November 22 Survivor Series pay-per-view have come to light.

It had already been reported that Savio Vega was set to be in attendance for the farewell, but PWInsider is reporting that he won’t be alone in doing so.

The site notes that that the Godfather and Kane are also set to be there at the ThunderDome to bid farewell to the ‘Deadman’.

Kane is of course Undertaker’s storyline half-brother, and has shared many classic moments with him over the years be it as an opponent or tag partner.

The Godfather, meanwhile, was a member of the ‘Bone Street Krew’ backstage group that also included Undertaker, Vega, Henry O. Godwinn and Mideon.

It’s unknown at this time whether all these names will be appearing on camera or whether they’re just going to be there backstage for the occasion.

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