QT Marshall ‘Fibbed’ To Shaquille O’Neal Before AEW Table Spot

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

QT Marshall ‘Fibbed’ To Shaquille O’Neal Before AEW Table Spot

QT Marshall has recalled lying to Shaquille O’Neal about table spots while he was training for his AEW in-ring debut.

On the March 3 episode of Dynamite, Shaquille O’Neal & Jade Cargill faced Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet. Towards the end of the match, Rhodes drove O’Neal through two tables at ringside.

Speaking with Digital Spy, QT Marshall noted that he told O’Neal that there would be padding under the tables to soften his landing. Revealing that O’Neal was surprised when the tables were the only things breaking his fall, Marshall said:

“He picked up on it very quickly. He’s a wrestling fan, so the moment that you asked him what he wanted to do, he already had a whole list of things that were in his mind that he was going to do to somebody and it was just about teaching him the right way to do it without hurting himself.

“He said something about maybe going through some tables and I told him, ‘Oh it won’t be that bad, we’ll put a really thick pad underneath,’ which was not true. I just didn’t want him to back out of it. So it was a lot of fun, as soon as he came in the back, right away, he said, ‘You lied to me! There was no pad under there!’ That’s wrestling, welcome to wrestling.”

QT Marshall has since argued that “lie” is a strong word in this context, tweeting:

“Lied is harsh…fibbed is much more like it. And we’re still cool. Relax!”

O’Neal has said that he’s definitely going to wrestle for AEW again, previously telling fans that he’ll return to Dynamite this summer. In recent months, O’Neal and Paul Wight have been teasing a final showdown, with Wight itching to return to the ring.

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