Randy Orton To Appear In Court As Part Of WWE 2K Tattoo Lawsuit

Randy Orton To Appear In Court As Part Of WWE 2K Tattoo Lawsuit WWE

Randy Orton is set to appear in court as part of the WWE 2K lawsuit case regarding the usage of his tattoos in video games.

Orton is not a defendant in the case, but is set to testify as a witness, as reported by PWInsider.

In April 2018, Catherine Alexander – Orton’s tattoo artist – filed a lawsuit against WWE, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc, 2K Games Inc, 2K Sports Inc, Visual Concepts Entertainment, Yukes Co Ltd, and Yukes LA Inc.

In the lawsuit, she claims that those parties have infringed on her copyright by using the tattoo work she did on Randy Orton in video games without her permission.

The case is set to finally go to trial on Monday, September 26 at the US District Court Southern District of Illinois.

This comes after the trial had been postponed multiple times over the course of several years, mainly due to COVID-19.

This case is quite a big deal as the result will set something of a legal precedent for the usage of people’s tattoos in video games.

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1 year ago by Liam Winnard


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