Ranking The 3 Greatest WWE 24/7 Champions Of All Time

Ranking The 3 Greatest WWE 24/7 Champions Of All Time

Some days at work are tough. This is one of those days. When I turned to myself and said: “Andy, I want you to rank the top three WWE 24/7 Champions of all time,” it felt like I was being asked to achieve the impossible.


Blood, sweat, tears, and even a bit of WD-40 was spilled compiling this list of giants. I know many of you will disagree with my rating, but I truly think I have come up with the greatest, and the most worthy WWE 24/7 Champions of all time.

3. Titus O’Neil (Several Seconds)

I know. I’m starting off controversially but hear me out. As the inaugural champion, Titus needs to be recognised as being the man who gave the title real prestige. As a former “Worst Feud Of The Year” winner in the Wrestling Observer Awards, WWE would have known that putting the strap on Titus would immediately grab the attention of the company’s biggest stars.

Titus is not only the first every WWE 24/7 Champion, but he’s also the third longest reigning champion in history, a feat unlikely to ever be beaten. In fact, in a strange twist of fate, the man who pinned Titus to rip the belt from his grasp is in our number two spot.

2. Robert Roode (Several Minutes)

We all thought that his new “Robert Roode” gimmick would lead to a mega push for the glorious one, but very few could have known that he would be WWE’s next chosen one.

As the belt’s second longest running champion, Roode is deserving of this spot on our prestigious list. His cunning, charisma and charm while champion has given him a place in the hearts of all WWE fans.

Winning the “Worst Worked Match Of The Year” award in the 2006 Wrestling Observer Awards, Roode was always going to go onto great things, but even in his wildest daydreams, he can’t have imagined he’d reach these dizzying heights.

In fact, the only reason he’s not top of this list is because of his appalling hide and seek abilities.

1. R-Truth (2019-Present)

“You’re mad!” I hear you cry. Yes, I understand he may not have made many of your top 3’s, and he may not have even made your top 5, but here’s why I think R-Truth deserves the number one spot.

Firstly, he’s the longest reigning champion by a country mile. Secondly, he is the current champion, which in this current WWE climate is a feat in itself, and lastly, pretending to be a woman and hiding from jobbers is such a show of spirit and determination that you can’t help but root for him.

Like Roode, Truth was also in the worst worked match of the year in 2006, and so it’s hardly surprising that these two men sit at the top of my list, but Truth’s ability to hold onto the belt through everything is what made up my mind.

Send your angry emails to andy@wrestletalk.com to tell me who you think should have been in the top 3.

5 years ago by Andy Datson


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