Raw After WrestleMania Viewership Revealed

2 years ago by Tempest

Raw After WrestleMania Viewership Revealed

The Raw After WrestleMania is typically the biggest episode of the year. The fallout of WrestleMania often brings with it a larger audience, which technically was the case this year.

Showbuzz Daily has reported the viewership figures for the April 12, 2021 episode of Raw. The show garnered an average of 2.03 million viewers. This is significantly higher than last week’s average of 1.70 million viewers. However, this number is still lower than last year’s post-WrestleMania average of 2.1 million.

Showbuzz Daily also reported the ratings in the key 18-49 male demographic for the show. Raw produced a 0.94 rating for the first two hours of the show before dropping to a 0.87 rating for the final hour.

The show was not well received by critics or fans. The Raw After WrestleMania usually includes major returns or debuts from NXT. However, this year the closest fans got to a major return was that of Ivar of the Viking Raiders making his return after a seven-month absence.

Charlotte Flair also made her return to Raw, however, she had only been off television for a few weeks.

Drew McIntyre once again became number one contender to Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship in the main event segment.

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