Raw Heel Being Booked As Babyface On NXT House Shows

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Raw Heel Being Booked As Babyface On NXT House Shows

Two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, Angel Garza was debuted as the newest client of Zelina Vega. In his debut match, he went toe-to-toe with Rey Mysterio.

During his run thus far on the main roster, Garza is clearly being booked as a heel going up against the babyface in Humberto Carrillo. However, it is a very different story on NXT Live Events.

Despite being called up to Raw, Angel Garza is still part of the NXT brand, performing at house shows and wrestling on episodes of TV.

Despite being positioned as very much a heel on Raw, Dave Meltzer is reporting that Angel Garza is working as a babyface in NXT:

“He worked all of the NXT house shows this weekend and he was a complete babyface every night.

The positioning of Angel Garza as a babyface in NXT is likely because of the fact he is set to feud with the heel NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin.

Angel Garza is set to go one-on-one on tonight’s episode of NXT with fellow former champion Lio Rush. The winner will challenge Devlin at a later date for the title.

Have you been pleased with Angel Garza’s booking on Raw since his main roster call-up? Let us know in the comments.

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