Miro Has Snarky Reaction To Debut On Dynamite

Miro Has Snarky Reaction To Debut On Dynamite AEW

A viral sensation from the independent wrestling scene made their debut on tonight’s AEW Dynamite and is already facing backlash!

After AEW’s official Twitter account shared the viral clip of Luigi Primo, both flipping pizza dough and an opponent, another star responded.

Miro responded with a succinct expression on his thoughts on the debut, writing:

“You should have left this on the indies”

While recently his clips may be popping up everywhere recently, Luigi Primo (also known as his real name, Chris Monica) is no stranger to professional wrestling.

Having been in the business for over seven years, he spoke to SI about his unique offense, saying:

“I start with rolling out the crust, and that’s a body slam or hip toss to get my opponent down. Once my opponent is down, that means the dough is prepared, and then you top the pizza.

“That’s when you do an elbow drop or senton. Going off the top rope is putting the pizza in the oven, then I finish him with the pizza cutter, which is an RKO.”

Well there you have it!

With AEW continuing to bust down the Forbidden Door of viral sensations amongst the independent wrestling scene, perhaps Tony Khan could check out Studdz of Bollywood?

Unclear how Miro feels about them after their previous entanglements in WWE where they were known as the Singh brothers and henchmen for Jinder Mahal.

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1 year ago by Amanda Savage



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