Real Reason Damien Sandow Failed WWE Money In The Bank Cash-In Revealed

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Real Reason Damien Sandow Failed WWE Money In The Bank Cash-In Revealed

The real reason that former WWE star Damien Sandow became the second man to unsuccessfully cash-in Money in the Bank has been revealed.

Sandow’s unsuccessful cash-in came against then-World Heavyweight Champion John Cena on October 28 in 2013.

Speaking about this with Wrestling Inc, Sandow revealed WWE needed a bump in TV ratings and his cash-in was part of that plan. He said:

“Yeah, I wasn’t wasn’t happy about it, but I talked to a very high-ranking official, not Vince, but in the family. And pretty much, ‘Look, we’re going up against Monday Night Football and the World Series. We need this. You have three segments.’ Okay, so I knew what I had to do. In the long term, I was frustrated, but in the immediate, I had to worry about going on TV and get the ratings up, and we did.

“Point-blank, we did, and to me, it was past that what they did because you come back, everyone’s hugging you, saying what a great job you did and then two weeks later, there’s nothing for you. That was just like, ‘Okay, whatever.’ So yeah, I was a little bit upset about it, but then you’re dressing up as someone new every week.

“I said, okay, you know what, if this is what I’m going to do, they usually give guys that and guys do it as a punishment. I’m like no, if I’m going to be Davy Crockett, you’re going to give me Davy Crockett music, and if I’m going to be an interpretive dancer, go get me a onesie flesh-colored leotard. Let’s do it right. So that is the way Damien Mizdow happened.”

Sandow isn’t the only man to fail to cash-in John Cena did so before him, and Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman have both failed since.

There has been much talk about WWE potentially planning to take the Money in the Bank contract off current holder Otis. For the latest on that, click this link.

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