Real Reason Jey Uso Lost To Roman Reigns At WWE SummerSlam 2023

Real Reason Jey Uso Lost To Roman Reigns At WWE SummerSlam 2023 WWE

Some backstage details on plans for Roman Reigns and his WWE SummerSlam match against Jey Uso have been revealed.

Reigns retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Jey after Jey’s own twin brother Jimmy Uso attacked him allowing Reigns to capitalize.

Whether rightly or wrongly, just like with Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes earlier this year, many fans believed this should have been the time for Reigns to lose his championship.

Evidently, WWE didn’t think the same way, and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has provided some details on the company’s mindset when deciding the outcome of the match.

Speaking with McGuire on Wrestling, Meltzer explained:

“I’d never heard anyone (in WWE) even discuss that (Jey winning) as a possibility.

“Whatever it is, they’ve got plans going for Roman as champion for months down the line. So Jey wasn’t gonna win. I know you could make the same (argument) about, well, that’s why Cody and Sami shouldn’t have won, but, you know, Sami was much hotter than Jey.

“And whatever they had their direction that they were gonna go in with Cody, they could’ve had Cody win, they could’ve had Cody lose. The fact is, the business stayed good, so they weren’t wrong.

“Could you say business might have been better with Cody? I think a little bit for the first couple of months, but this was their direction. They wanna build it, and they… I’ve got to think Cody’s eventually winning it. So it’s just a question of keeping him hot enough…”

Meltzer has reported in recent months that WWE still plans to circle back to a Reigns vs Rhodes rematch for WrestleMania 40.

Reigns was believed to have suffered some kind of injury early on during the SummerSlam match, but no real details are known other than he is still planned to appear on SmackDown this week.

As for Jey’s future, some backstage details of a potential match with Jimmy have been revealed – find out more at this link.

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