Real Reason For Several NXT Stars Missing Shows

Real Reason For Several NXT Stars Missing Shows WWE

The real reason that several NXT stars have been missing from television in recent weeks has been revealed.

On the most recent episode of NXT (November 15), Javier Bernal called out several members of the NXT roster who are currently unavailable.

This included British stable Gallus, who have been suspended in storyline, and both Axiom and Ilja Dragunov, who have been written off television with storyline injuries in the past several weeks – although Axiom has appeared in a backstage segment since.

According to Dave Meltzer speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, at least some of the missing stars have been absent from NXT television due to recent visa issues.

Discussing the segment and the talent Bernal challenged, Meltzer said:

“They’re either injured, which actually is a codeword for getting their visas worked on in some cases.

“And suspended, which is also a codeword for getting their visas worked on.”

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Gallus last wrestled on the September 14 edition of NXT, where they were defeated in a Pub Rules match by the team of Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs.

Axiom most recently fought JD McDonagh on the November 8 edition of the show, where he lost due to referee decision and taken out by medical personnel.

Ilja Dragunov was also defeated by McDonagh due to referee decision on the October 25 edition of the show, in a way very similar to Axiom, with Dragunov being stretchered out afterwards.

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