Real Reason Street Profits Aren’t Wrestling On WWE Raw Revealed

4 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Real Reason Street Profits Aren’t Wrestling On WWE Raw Revealed

On the July 1st episode of Raw, The Street Profits made their rather surprising main roster debuts. The call-up of the NXT Tag Team Champions is said to have been a Paul Heyman move.

Since their arrival on the red brand, the charismatic duo have yet to have a match. Instead, the pair have been appearing in entertaining backstage segments.

However, the real reason as to why Ford and Dawkins have not wrestled on the main roster so far might have just been revealed.

Dave Meltzer is reporting in the Wrestling Observer Radio that because the duo are still technically NXT performers, they would be expected to lose to Raw teams. However, Triple H unsurprisingly does not want his NXT Tag Team Champions to lose on TV:

“Because they are NXT guys, they would have to lose to roster guys. But losing to roster guys would cut them off, plus HHH wouldn’t want his tag champs losing, so they can be on Raw and cut promos but until they figure out how to get through this dilemma, they aren’t wrestling on the main roster.”

This begs the question of why the decision was made to call the duo up while they were still NXT Tag Team Champions.

However, with Paul Heyman set to start as Executive Director of Raw properly after Extreme Rules, perhaps Ford and Dawkins will be having their first main roster match before too long.

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