Real Reason WWE Created RAW Underground

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Real Reason WWE Created RAW Underground

While it may not work in the long run, it seems clear that many in WWE think creating buzz on social media is more important than creating good storylines.

The company certainly created an entire beehive of buzz on last week’s episode of Raw, with the introduction of Raw Underground, the shoot-fight, “real” scuffles hosted by Shane McMahon.

This sort of new segment always splits fan opinion, with many loving the idea, and many also thinking it was sandpaper for the eyes.

While we know the reason for Shane McMahon’s return, which was an attempt to bump viewership, the actual reason for the introduction of Raw Underground was unknown, until now.

According to Tom Cologue of Sportskeeda, the idea was all Shane’s, and that “people in the WWE are really quite high on some of Shane’s ideas recently”.

You may remember that back in the mid-2000s when WWE reintroduced ECW, that Shane wanted it to be a more hardcore wrestling show for only the hardcore fans, so it’s not the first time McMahon Jr. has tried to introduce a more MMA style of fighting into his father’s company.

MVP spoke about the new segment, seemingly confirming to Newsweek that it was indeed Shane’s idea, saying: “Shane McMahon explained to us the concept of what they wanted to do and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s pretty cool'”.

Love it or hate it, it’s likely here to stay for a while, so I guess we may as well get used to it.

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