Reality TV Legend Mark Long Teases Wrestling For WWE Soon

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Reality TV Legend Mark Long Teases Wrestling For WWE Soon WWE

MTV Challenge Godfather Mark Long has made several appearances on WWE television already this year. Long celebrated with The Miz after he turned on Logan Paul at WrestleMania 38, and most recently appeared at ringside to support Grayson Waller in his match with Nathan Frazer at last week’s NXT Spring Breakin’ show.

Speaking to TV Insider about his time in WWE, and to promote season three of The Challenge All-Stars, Long teased that it might not be out of the question that he will be stepping into a WWE ring soon.

He said:

“The Miz and I had a huge moment at WrestleMania. I got introduced to the NXT guys in Orlando. It was awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw me in the ring at some point in the next six months doing something. The fans are the same as reality TV fans. They love it. They were eating it up. Grayson [Waller], my buddy on NXT, is a heel now. So I was having everyone boo me and yelling at people in the crowd. The announcers gave me the proper introduction as the MTV Challenge legend.”

Nathan Frazer defeated Grayson Waller on the show to score a victory in his debut match on the brand. For a list of all win/loss records for the NXT men’s roster in 2022, click here.

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