Reason Behind Chris Jericho Keeping Judas After His Heel Turn Revealed

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Reason Behind Chris Jericho Keeping Judas After His Heel Turn Revealed AEW

The reason behind Chris Jericho keeping the Judas theme song after his recent heel turn has been revealed.

Fans at AEW events started singing Chris Jericho’s Judas theme song since the JeriCruise in 2020. Eventually, Jericho turned babyface in 2021 with the sing-along with his theme being a key part of his presentation.

However, the former AEW World Champion turned back to a heel in his ongoing feud with Eddie Kingston earlier this year and created a new stable, The Jericho Appreciation Society.

In a new interview with Spin, Jericho admitted that he thought about changing his theme, but both he and Tony Khan agreed that the song is too important to the fan experience at AEW events to change it.

He explained:

“Well, the thing about ‘Judas’ is, it was a hit before I started using it (as a wrestling entrance theme), right out of the gate. We did the video, it did 1 million views in a week. Why? I don’t know. Whatever reason, people gravitated toward that song. That’s why I started using it as my ring music. I needed a new song because I had switched from WWE to New Japan. I thought, well, let me use “Judas,” and maybe there’ll be a promoter who hears the song and brings us over to Japan. Then I realized, this is a great entrance song!

“So, when AEW started, I brought ‘Judas’ over there, and then it became part of the show. For whatever reason, people just felt a real inspiration from that song and wanted to sing it as I came to the ring. Now, I did just change my character, I went from being a good guy to being a bad guy. We thought about not using ‘Judas’ anymore. But then I thought, why? Why change it? My boss (AEW president Tony Khan) agreed because we have a very unique, very cool moment in our AEW presentation, in that people love singing this song. As a bad guy, I could take it away but then you’re losing this really special moment. People singing ‘Judas’ transcends being a good guy or a bad guy in AEW, it’s just something cool that’s part of the show. It’s like going to a KISS concert and they don’t play ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ because they’re trying to be creative. It’s like, fuck, we don’t care, that’s the song we want to hear!”

Chris Jericho recently filed for a trademark on his newest nickname, “The Wizard”, which you can read here.

Quotes via Fightful

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