Reason Behind Robert Roode’s Recent WWE Push Revealed

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Reason Behind Robert Roode’s Recent WWE Push Revealed

After months of being mishandled on the main roster, WWE higher-ups are finally giving Robert Roode the push he deserves.

Roode, who is the current Raw Tag Team Champion, will be part of a fatal-five way tonight to decide the number one contender to Seth Rollins’ Universal Championship.

It is great to see WWE management finally showing their faith in the immensely talented veteran after so long,

However, it appears that this push is all down to Raw’s Executive Director Paul Heyman.

When asked why the former NXT Champion was being featured more on TV, Dave Meltzer claimed that Heyman is a big fan of Roode:

“Paul Heyman likes Robert Roode, so there you go.”

This comes after it was reported that Paul Heyman is also a big fan of fellow Raw stars Ricochet, Cedric Alexander and Braun Strowman.

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