Reason For Bizarre New Omos WWE Raw Feud

Reason For Bizarre New Omos WWE Raw Feud WWE

Despite being the world’s tallest man, things haven’t been going perfectly for Nigerian Giant Omos on WWE TV.

Whether it’s being berated by fans on social media for his lack of in-ring ability, or quite consistently losing to Bobby Lashley on both Raw and Premium Live Events, it hasn’t been a perfect run.

On last night’s (June 6) episode of Monday Night Raw, Omos started a new feud with both Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, and while this seems to be a completely random assortment of people, the reason for the feud seems to have been revealed by Dave Meltzer on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

According to Meltzer, it sounds like one of the key reasons is actually that Omos has been training with Roode. He said:

“Omos has been working a lot with Bobby Roode, so I guess it’s just a way to get Omos in the ring with those two guys who are very good wrestlers and give him more experience working with guys that are good.”

So I guess this means Dolph and Roode are being rewarded for being good by being handed to Omos, who, and I’m not a psychic so don’t quote me on this, will probably kill them quite a lot.

It makes sense, though. Giving a giant someone smaller to throw around has historically been the best way of getting them over.

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1 year ago by Andy Datson


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