Reason So Many WWE Stars Have Pulled Double Duty Lately Revealed

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Reason So Many WWE Stars Have Pulled Double Duty Lately Revealed

Over the last few weeks, we have seen several WWE stars wrestle more than once on a show. We first saw this two weeks ago on Raw, when there was a reported outbreak of COVID in wrestling, leaving WWE with a skeleton crew for the show.

For example, over the last three episodes of Monday Night Raw, Riddle has worked six matches, with three of those coming against members of The Hurt Business on this week’s show.

Speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that the WWE talent roster is so deep that the company doesn’t, in theory, need to have so many people wrestling more than once on a show:

“There’s enough talent there on these rosters that you don’t have to (have people wrestling over and over again) anyway, but they still do because it’s the thing that they do now. You know how they get in these modes, Vince gets in these modes?

“They have enough talent where they don’t have to have people (working over and over again). Like Matt Riddle wrestled three times too, I mean it’s crazy, but even if they had twice as much talent in the dressing room, they probably would still only use the top tier and have them go over and over again because that’s the mentality they’ve got right now.”

Riddle is by no means the only person to pull double duty on Raw last night, with Shayna Baszler, Charlotte Flair, John Morrison and Sheamus all wrestling two matches on last night’s show.

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