Real Reason Vince McMahon Settled Oliver Luck Lawsuit?

Real Reason Vince McMahon Settled Oliver Luck Lawsuit? WWE

A new report has discussed the Vince McMahon vs Oliver Luck lawsuit settlement, sharing a possible reason for the two sides coming to terms.

McMahon and former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck will reportedly no longer be going to trial next month after reaching a settlement in a wrongful termination lawsuit stemming from the 2020 relaunch of the XFL.

This news came as somewhat of a surprise to some, with recent talks between McMahon and Luck’s parties ‘fizzling out’ in a matter of minutes.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer pointed this out, noting that the timing of the two sides’ agreement now makes ‘all the sense in the world’:

“It’s pretty clear that with all of the stuff on Vince’s plate, that going through a trial right now was probably the worst thing possible because it would bring a lot of coverage on every little thing, and it was also a trial that… nearly everybody thought he was gonna lose that trial, so it would be a big public loss. And this is probably a way as far as the publicity goes to cut that loss.

“The timing of it makes all the sense in the world, in the sense that, okay, this is not a time to have Vince go to court and have another set of things come out on Vince.

“Before this (the allegations/investigations becoming public) happened, it was pretty adamant both sides weren’t going to settle.”

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Following recent allegations made against Vince McMahon, WWE and its Board of Directors announced that Stephanie McMahon has been named the interim CEO and Chairwoman of WWE, with Vince McMahon voluntarily stepping down. You can read all the details and the full story surrounding the allegations against Vince at this link.

Five separate law firms have announced that they are now investigating WWE. You can read the press releases shared by the law firms right here.

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