Report: Real Reason WWE Dropped Matt Riddle’s First Name

Report: Real Reason WWE Dropped Matt Riddle’s First Name WWE

Not only has Triple H given back the idea of WWE being fun to watch, he’s also started giving wrestler’s their names back, because he understands that humans have more than one name.

One of the lucky stars to get their names back is Matt Riddle, who for many months had simply been called “Riddle”, and it seems we now know why that was the case.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reason Matt Riddle originally lost his name is that searching Matt Riddle on Google would bring up a lot of results about his controversial MMA career, and the fact he just loves marijuana.

Dave Meltzer wrote:

Riddle was given back his first name of Matt. The reason they dropped the Matt name years ago, as silly as this sounds, is because they thought fans Googling Matt Riddle would see articles from his MMA career, which focused on his failing tests for marijuana. But the stigma of marijuana has changed greatly, as they even tease babyface using it in code words on the show now when a few years ago they’d never do so.

Another star who is apparently set to get their name back is Money in the Bank briefcase holder Theory, who was once Austin Theory in case you’d forgotten.

However, in a recent interview, Theory revealed he’d actually prefer to just keep his single name for some reason.

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2 years ago by Andy Datson


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