Reby Hardy Fires Back At Fans Blaming Her For ‘Enabling’ Jeff Hardy

Reby Hardy Fires Back At Fans Blaming Her For ‘Enabling’ Jeff Hardy TikTok/RebyHardy

Reby Hardy has taken to TikTok to fire back at online vitriol lobbed her direction surrounding the recent arrest of her brother-in-law, Jeff Hardy for suspected driving under the influence.

While more details continue to emerge regarding the morning arrest of Jeff Hardy, including a statement from AEW CEO Tony Khan regarding the situation, fans have been running wild on Twitter with a variety of narratives.

However one that Reby Hardy has made it clear she will not sit idly by and listen to are criticisms that she and her husband Matt Hardy, Jeff’s brother and tag team partner, have enabled him.

Taking to TikTok, she posted the video that you can watch below, in the clip says in part:

“Short of having him sleep between Matt and I, there is really not much more I could have personally done. I make it a point to never speak on his behalf, it’s not my place, I don’t want to do that, he doesn’t want me doing that but what we’re gonna make perfectly clear is that I am not responsible for the actions of a fully grown man. (Text on-screen: NEITHER IS MATT) Very frustrating when you’re doing as much as you can and you still get comments like that.

“Just a reminder that if you weren’t there, then you don’t know.”

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Reby also describes in the video that the situation with Jeff is very triggering for her and she will deal with it the way she wants, with humor.

This comes after she was called out by fans for a TikTok she posted yesterday after the news of Jeff’s arrest came out, with people accusing her of making a joke out of the situation.

Jeff Hardy was arrested at 9:54 am on June 13 for three charges:

  • Violating Restrictions Placed on Driving License
  • Driving While License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked
  • DUI Alcohol/Drugs third offense within 10 years

His two blood-alcohol tests after his arrest came in at 0.294 and 0.291. The legal limit in Florida is 0.08, which means he was at 3.7 times the legal limit.

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan announced that Jeff has been suspended without pay, and he can only return to AEW upon successfully completing treatment and maintaining his sobriety.

He’s due in court on July 5 regarding the arrest.

If you or someone you know are struggling with mental health issues including substance abuse, please know that you are not alone and that you are not beyond help.

You can view a list of resources available throughout the world by clicking here.

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