Released NXT Talent Wants To Join AEW

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Released NXT Talent Wants To Join AEW

An NXT talent who was released by WWE over the last couple of weeks has said she wants to join AEW.

Speaking in an interview with Sportskeeda, MJ Jenkins praised the promotion and said she’s been watching and would love to be part of it.

She said:

“Oh, man… You know, there is so much wrestling out there and… [MJ laughs] ..I can say, from what I’ve seen, the main place I would love to go is AEW. I can’t lie!

“To say that I haven’t been watching would be a complete lie. I think what they’re doing is amazing. All the talent that they have there…

“Sonny Kiss has been one of my friends for the longest. I met him so long ago in New Jersey when I was wrestling and he was wrestling, at a smaller indie company. Britt Baker is there, and me and Britt had our first ever tryout match in front of the whole WWE locker room at SmackDown. And we killed it!

“You just have so much great performers there. Ariel Monroe, Big Swole is what she goes by now… But I would love to go there because I believe in what they’re doing and I believe in their women’s division.”

Let us know if you’d like to see Jenkins join the AEW women’s division at some point in the future.

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