Released WWE Star Pitched To Be Paul Heyman’s ‘Associate’

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey

Released WWE Star Pitched To Be Paul Heyman’s ‘Associate’

A released WWE star has spoken about how he pitched to be a part of the Roman Reigns storyline on SmackDown as the associate of Paul Heyman.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE star Buddy Murphy went into the details about the pitch, stating that he pitched it to Paul Heyman and The Usos, who both loved the idea.

Murphy stated:

“I had this really cool story idea that I pitched to Heyman, who loved it. I even mentioned it to The Usos, who loved it. It was basically to get me as like a – not a part of the Bloodline, but to be an associate of Paul (Heyman). I don’t take orders from Roman (Reigns) but I do his bidding because Heyman asked me (to do so). It was like a sub story on the side of Heyman.

Murphy continued on, saying that he pitched the idea to Triple H, who was also on board, saying:

“And I’d be like a Judge Dredd, so I was going to be a mixture. Big Boss Man, Judge Dredd for Heyman. Heyman loved it, and I ended up having a conversation with Hunter (Triple H) while he was at a SmackDown taping and just mentioned to him that I pitched this idea to Heyman, (Triple H) loved it. We’ll see where that goes and I understand it needs to go through a particular ranking, get it approved by Vince,”

Murphy was released from WWE on June 2, and recently stated that he would have interest working for IMPACT Wrestling.

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