Released WWE Star Says He Was Told He ‘Would Always Have A Job’ A Week Before Release

Released WWE Star Says He Was Told He ‘Would Always Have A Job’ A Week Before Release WWE

A recently released WWE star has claimed he was told he would ‘always have a job’ with the company a week prior to his release.

WWE released former NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes on Tuesday, with him breaking the news of his release in a rather emotional Twitter video.

Grimes’ release came four days after WWE released six other stars on April 19, including former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

Despite only appearing sporadically on the show, Grimes had been a regular at TV tapings, with him even being present at last week’s SmackDown show.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Grimes claimed that he spoke to a ‘pretty high executive’ at the taping, who told him he wouldn’t have to worry about losing his job with the company.

He said:

“Literally the last time I was at TV, I had a pretty high executive tell me — because, you know, I was worried. Starting this stock market gimmick, it made me see businesses in a different light, you know what I mean? Following these companies and playing with stocks, I would see things in a different light. So I knew that I haven’t worked in over a year and I’m making a decent salary. So I knew that if someone was to look at the books, I’m going to be the first person that’s going to be cut. If you’re looking at it strictly as money-wise. But if you’re looking at it as like, ‘Ok, well if this is a talent that can do something for us.’ You know what I mean, they’re going to keep me.

“So I was told by a high executive last week on Friday that I would always have a job here. I would never have to worry about losing my job here, after expressing my concerns like that to him.

“And then five days later, they called me and told that I do lose the job. So I don’t know.”

Grimes reportedly already has a lot of independent companies looking to book him once he officially becomes a free agent.

transcription via F4Wonline

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