Released WWE Star Discusses Why They Haven’t Signed With AEW

Released WWE Star Discusses Why They Haven’t Signed With AEW WWE/AEW

A recently released WWE star has spoken about why he hasn’t signed with AEW following his release and recent free agency.

The most recent batch of WWE releases took place on September 21, when numerous names from both the main roster and NXT were released from their contracts.

One of the most notable names released was former United States Champion Matt Riddle, who has since been announced for his debut in NJPW, as well as working for MLW at Kings of Colosseum.

For many of the released names, AEW has been a speculated destination, and Riddle has yet to appear for AEW.

Speaking on Signed by Superstars, Riddle spoke on why he has yet to arrive in AEW, and why he didn’t want to rush straight back into TV wrestling.

He said:

“Yeah, honestly, I feel like a lot of the talent when I got released, were going to try to do that. I wanted to think outside the box and maybe not rush right back into doing TV matches. TV is a lot different than wrestling on ppl or the Indies. There are commercials, they cut times, they change things.

“For me, right now, New Japan, MLW, the Indies, I can display my art and I’m not under such a crunch of time or requirement. I have a lot more freedom. TNA isn’t out of the picture either. There are certain things I wanted to do. I really wanted to work in Japan and I made that a priority.”

Riddle returned to MLW at the Kings of Colosseum event, where he defeated Jacob Fatu in the show’s main event.

Riddle is set to face off with Hiroshi Tanahashi in his debut for NJPW next month.

transcription via Fightful

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