Renee Paquette Explains Unique Outfit Jon Moxley Wore To Carmella’s Wedding

Renee Paquette Explains Unique Outfit Jon Moxley Wore To Carmella’s Wedding Twitter

Renee Paquette explains her husband’s fashion faux pas turned viral sensation after Jon Moxley turned up in a most interesting outfit to Carmella’s wedding.

Jon Moxley and his wedding guest attire were trending on Twitter after a group snap captured his unique look at Carmella and Corey Graves’ wedding this past week, now his wife Renee Paquette has shed some light on the very interesting ensemble.

On Throwing Down with Renee and Miesha, Paquette said:

“Okay, so what happened was I flew into the wedding the day of. I got there Thursday morning. And he was flying in from Boston [where that week’s AEW Dynamite was held] and he had to fly to Miami because there was no other flights to get into where their wedding was. And then he had to take an Uber from the Miami airport to where the wedding was – after flights already being delayed. He was already crunching time. Like, I showed up to the wedding with his suit, with his shoes, I had the whole thing. I had to find one of the bartenders. I’m like, ‘Can I hang this somewhere until my husband gets here?’ And then he’s texting me and he’s like, ‘I’m gonna be there in five minutes.’ I was like, ‘Cool, dude. Well, guess what? The wedding is starting. They’re walking down the aisle, it’s happening.’

As Carmella is walking down the aisle, he’s at like the entrance with his luggage, dressed as so. And as everybody stood to watch the bride walk down the aisle, he was able to sneak in beside me to watch the wedding. So, that picture was right after the wedding actually happened. And, yeah, he was wearing that. He did change afterwards I will say. He didn’t change into what we fully bought, though. He just put on like the black button-down shirt.”

In Paquette’s defense, her story fully checks out as, by the time Mox was seen taking a snap with Natayla, he was in fact dressed in a black button-down.

The taping Moxley was coming from when attending Carmella and Corey Graves’ wedding just happened to be the insanely violent and bloody performance versus Wheeler Yuta which has been widely regarded as one of the matches of the year thus far.

Transcription via F4Online

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