Renee Paquette Fires Back At Max Caster After AEW Diss Rap

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Renee Paquette Fires Back At Max Caster After AEW Diss Rap

Renee Paquette got caught in the crossfire last night when Max Caster performed his rap before the Acclaimed vs Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston.

Not one to hold back when there’s an opportunity for some banter, Paquette took to Twitter to roast Caster in return after hearing it.

If you didn’t hear, Caster’s rap went like this:

Acclaimed is the Paradigm Shift,

These two guys exchange Valentine’s gifts,

Yo Eddie, why you dressed like it’s ’04?,

You look like a box of Newports,

And Mox, you’re out of your element,

Imma knock you out with this mic like Omega did,

Call your girl, she all in my mentions,

Tryna hit me up for some Oral Sessions.

Clever stuff from Caster as always getting in the plug for Oral Sessions while still taking shots, but Renee Paquette didn’t take it without lying down as she then tweeted:

Moxley and Kingston went on to win the match which earned them a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship against the Young Bucks at Double Or Nothing on May 30.

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