AEW Star Reveals Trick They Use To Keep Wrestler Promos On Track

AEW Star Reveals Trick They Use To Keep Wrestler Promos On Track AEW

A recent AEW signing has revealed the trick they use to help wrestlers along in their promos.

Renee Paquette has a lot of experience under her belt as a wrestling commentator, presenter and interviewer.

Having worked for WWE between 2012 and 2020 under the name Renee Young, Paquette launched her popular interviewing podcast, The Sessions, and officially became All Elite during the October 12 edition of AEW Dynamite after much speculation.

While speaking to Vickie Guerrero on her Excuse Me podcast, Renee Paquette revealed that she sees herself as a sort of safety net for wrestlers while they’re delivering lengthy and intense promos.

She said:

“I love what I get to do, and not that I don’t think about it, I do, I think a lot about what I do and trying to do the best of my ability, but I also just get to have fun doing what I do.

“There is so much stuff of bringing stories forward, my big thing, especially when I’m doing interviews, it’s one thing if I’m hosting a kick-off show or post-show, that’s more broadcasting when I’m doing interviews, that’s my role to make the wrestler feel as comfortable as possible.

“That’s something I take into consideration, making someone feel like I have their back and if someone stumbles on a line or whatever if I need to give them a follow-up question, just in case, if we have time to fill, if I’m trying to keep them on track or steer them in a direction of what we know the story is going to be.

“Sometimes, that happens, there would be times where, if there was somebody I was going to do a promo with, in-ring or a live backstage, and they have a two-page promo, I’m like, ‘there is a chance they get off-track and forget where they are.’

“I would try to learn their promo as much as I could in case I needed to give a follow up question to get them back on track for what they needed to get out.

“It’s thinking on the spot, being prepared, and letting them know I can be there as a safety net.”

Since joining AEW, Renee Paquette has hosted a number of memorable interviewing segments with MJF and has mediated between Saraya and Dr Britt Baker.

In the same interview, Paquette confirmed that she was in talks with WWE prior to her AEW debut.

WWE reached out to Paquette ahead of their recent shuffling of their announce teams.

You can read more on what Renee Paquette had to say on this right here.

Renee is married to former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, who lost the AEW World Championship to MJF at Full Gear.

Transcription via Fightful. 

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