Renee Paquette Believes It Is A ‘Weird Time’ In WWE

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

Renee Paquette Believes It Is A ‘Weird Time’ In WWE WWE

WWE suspending Sasha Banks and Naomi and stripping them of the Women’s Tag Team Championship has brought out support across the wrestling world in the past two weeks.

Former WWE announcer Renee Paquette spoke about the situation on her Throwing Down With Renee & Miesha podcast, where she stated that it is a ‘weird time’ in WWE right now.

She said:

“It’s just such a weird time in WWE where they are cutting people left, right and center, I feel like people are really being made examples of as well, and that’s the thing that sucks where it’s like, I feel like, Sasha, Naomi are really trying to do a bigger picture situation here, and I hope that they aren’t like nipped in the bud for that.”

Renee also spoke about Sasha Banks wrestling outside of WWE, and why she believes it’s not off the table.

Sasha may already be working on her post-WWE career, as she is reportedly working on new NFTs.

transcription via Sportskeeda

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