Renee Young Promises Huge “WWE Backstage” Announcement On Smackdown

3 years ago by Nate Craver

Renee Young Promises Huge “WWE Backstage” Announcement On Smackdown

WWE Backstage premiers on FS1 next Tuesday Night.  However, the hype for the show has already started.

Renee Young has promised a huge announcement on Friday’s Smackdown.  The announcement is supposed to be who the first official guest of the show will be.

John Cena is providing a taped message. Rob Gronkowski is also set to appear.

The show is going live on Tuesday Night’s at 11 pm EST.  If WWE Backstage is anything like Talking Smack, then the show should, at the very least, be a critical success.

Samoa Joe has some fun during the above tweet and his appearances during the draft were great.  Let’s hope he’ll be a regular guest until his arm heals up.

Of course, the question will be if anyone will tune in to a WWE product on FS1.  Last week’s Smackdown did record lows after shifting to FS1 due to the World Series.

There’s no word as to who the major guest will be at this time.  It’s possible it could be someone related to Crown Jewel, which is happening this Thursday.

Personally, I’m hoping for Bray Wyatt.  His media appearances leading up to Hell in the Cell were fantastically awkward.

However, most likely, it will be Stephanie McMahon. And, we’ll all let out a collective groan.


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